About Anacortes Health and Nutrition



Anacortes Health and Nutrition opened in 1965 as a "mom and pop" store and family business. The store is now owned by a small family in the area. It is located in downtown Anacortes in a large house that dates back to the late 1800's. The front portion of the building holds our retail store, while the back half is an old style lodging house that rents rooms by the month.

We are honored to have been voted Best of Anacortes for 2019 in the health and nutrition store category!

Meet Our Staff:

Store Manager 
Allyson Foster

Sales Associates
Tom Wedemeyer

Jasmine Jennings

Laura Harrigan

Store Policies / Services

Conditions on which returns will be accepted.
1-If the product is unopened and the receipt is present, a cash refund, credit card refund or exchange may be made. If payment by check, a cash refund will be made after clearance of the check.
2-If no receipt is present, a product exchange may be made at the manager's discretion.
3-If the product is opened, an exchange will be made only if the product is damaged.
4- Returns accepted only within 30 days of purchase.